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Epic provided information to IVP; not a part of the the project

From: "Bill Densmore"
To: "Lillie Coney"
Sent: Tuesday, December 09, 2008 5:06 PM
Subject: CONFIRMING: Electronic Privacy Information Center not part of IVP


Thanks for confirming that the Electronic Privacy Information Center is not involved in the development process for the Information Valet Project.

I understand that your attendance at "Blueprinting the Information Valet Economy," was as an expert on consumer and regulatory privacy issues, as a participant in a discussion, not a participant in a development process. Your observations and suggestions were extremely helpful and appreciated.

I also appreciate the necessity of EPIC to remain independent and merely advisory to projects, such as IVP, which are intended to operate in the public interest.

IVP is an academic effort; the Reynolds Journalism Institute's mission is to work with citizens and journalists to foster ideas, experiments, research and solutions that will sustain the values and functions of journalism in a participatory democracy. We do envision that the Information Valet Service will be owned by some hybrid non-profit or low-profit, public-interest oriented cooperative.

I will remove you from any standard mailing lists for IVP. But I do hope you'll monitor what we're up to via the resources available and that you'll give me a holler if we seem to be going down any dangerous paths which do not respect an individual's right to control their identity and data about them.

Please make sure that I am on EPIC's mailing list for alerts, advisories and guidance in this important area.

Warm regards and happy holidays,

-- bill

Bill Densmore, 2008-2009 Fellow
Reynolds Journalism Institute
201 RJI Hall
University of Missouri
Columbia MO 65211
573-882-9812 / VOICE MAIL/CELL: 617-448-6600

On Tue, 9 Dec 2008, Lillie Coney wrote:

> Bill, I wanted to let you know that [neither] I nor EPIC will be available > to continue to be involved in this project.
> > Our work is solely in the public interest and the project as initially > described reflected an academic effort, but the meeting was about > creating a for-profit business model for newspaper publishers.
> > Please remove me from contact list regarding this matter.
> > Lillie Coney
> Associate Director